Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's Fall RALLY Time

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 Man and I will be attending the 10th Fall Montana Owners Club Rally next week. Almost 120 units will be attending this year, the largest Rally yet for the MOC.

In preparation, we are cleaning, gutting, organizing, doing lots more stuff in Tana and in the house. Doctor's visits abound (ya, that's a lot of fun.)  We are fussing with medical insurance and snail mail issues that also abound (and they make doctor's visits look like fun).  Yard work will not be caught up this fall, but, we are trying, and in the last week we trimmed (hacked down is more like it) three huge bushes in the yard.  I hope to get the 2 foot tall thistles in the flower beds removed before long.

Next week, getting excited to hook up and roll out, we have the hitch itch that RVers all know.  We are looking forward to visiting with so many great friends we have made over the last 10 years at these rallies, and making new.  Of course, there will be great food too.  Shopping, girls luncheons, so much to do, the week will just fly by!

See ya soon at the Rally!



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