Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting started, sometimes the hardest part?

First blog, oh, dear.

OKKK, maybe a quick explanation of the name. Reflections From the Fence.

There are times in my life when I have a hard time making decisions. I tell my friends I am sitting on the fence.

There are times when I can see both sides of an argument and see that both sides have merit. (Now don't tell the Man this, he won't believe it!)

In discussions with the WO's on naming my Blog, well, the fence sitting as part of the name came up, but of course.

So, a few hours later, a visit or two to the thesaurus, and well, here it is:

Reflections From the Fence.

I don't expect to post every day. I do hope to chat about family research, yorkies (yorkshire terriers), travel and my beloved Tana (our Montana 5th Wheel).

And, of course, anything else that crosses the ole gray matter.

Yep, getting started, in this case, was the hardest part.

I hope!