THE Trip, THE Encore' :: The Maps, Part Three

For prior maps of THE Trip, THE Encore' please view this page.  In some cases day trips are included.  Day trips means, we did not drag Tana around behind Jolly!!

Map 61, Libby Montana to Coram Montana, about 120 miles.

Map 62, Coram Montana to just past Essex Montana, about 40 miles, give or take.

Map 63, Essex Montana to Lewistown Montana, about 265 miles.

Map 64, Lewistown Montana to Medora North Dakota, about 305 miles.

Map 65, Medora to Jamestown North Dakota, about 235 miles.

Map 66, Jamestown North Dakota to Itasca State Park, Mississippi Headwaters, Minnesota, about 220 miles.

Map 67, Itasca Minnesota to Duluth Minnesota, about 170 miles.

Map 68, Duluth Minnesota to Ishpeming Michigan, about 240 miles.

Map 69,

*Maps via Microsoft Streets & Trips.

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