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It is said, and I believe, it is required by Federal Law that I state disclosures, or disclaimers about products mentioned here on Reflections.  This page is the CYA version.  I try to remember to address this situation on all posts where I mention a vendor, provider, manufacturer, etc.  That said, sometimes ole leaky memories fail, soooooo - -

Any commercial products or trade names or copyrighted terms, names, whatever, they belong to the copyright owners.  I have no financial interest in any of them, I may use them, I may not, I may love them, I may not, and I reserve the right to change my mind about that love/hate stuff at any given time.  They don't pay me a penny or even a plug nickle to mention them, I don't advertise here on Reflections for a reason, that being, I am free to express how I feel about products, web pages, and all that.  That way I am not beholden to anyone, cept maybe Google and Blogger for letting me use their products.

I think that covers it.



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