Friend of Friends

As I discover them and have time, I post hints for descendants of slaves, where they might find help in their search for their ancestors.  Many of my finds are from the Library of Virginia, Chancery Cases.

Good luck, if you find something, I would love to hear from you.

Relatively Speaking, Slave Names & Chancery Cases
  • Owners surnames:  Marshall, Eley
  • Slave names:  Cornwell, Harrison, Henry, Jim, Madison, Sarah, Louis, child Simon, Milly, Peggy, Bridget, Moll and Bob
Carnival of African-American Genealogy, Restore My Name
  • Owners surnames:  Morris
  •  Slave names:  Tom and Milly

This find is from Southampton County Virginia, has not been the subject of a blog post.  Found at the Brantley Association of America, Southampton Records.  The record is from Court Minute Book 1804 to 1806, page 14 .  It mentions negro boy Peter.  Also mention is what appears to be a family surname of Capell, there is also what looks like another surname that I cannot read.

Friend of Friends, Born Free

Clerk of Southampton County Virginia ordered to enter the names of those born free.
  • Surnames of those to be registered:  Crocker, Nicholson, Bailey, Hargrave, Roberts, Whitney, Jones, Hicks, Holloway, Burrough, Warren, Newsom, Brown, Davis, Diggs

Friend of Friends, Darden, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, Will Naming Slaves
  • Owners surnames:  Darden, Hall, Dews
  • Slave names:  Hannah, Esther, Rady, Deek, Judy, Abram, Eady, Munday, Bridget and her child Chaney, Cinthy, Seinour, Lous, Sigh, Aley
Friend of Friends:  Slaves Found During Transcription

Lenawee County Bible Records transcription project found a short reference to slaves owned during 1700 - 1800, possibly in New York State.

Friend of Friends Friday:: Slaves in Bible Records::Virginia::Nathan Withers

Virginia, Historical Society Papers, 1607-2007 , Nathan Withers Bible Records, several pages of negro records, mostly birth dates with names. 

 * If you find any errors in transcriptions I have made, please, please let me know.

 Copyright 2010-13, CABS for Reflections From the Fence.

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