Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dated. Out it Goes. It IS Time

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I have been cleaning files.  Some really need cleaning, they are 10, 15 and more years old.  I am a genie-pack rat.  Guilty as charged.  I have hit my personal wall, no more, the old stuff just HAS to go. I think you can see why - -

Ya, really - - (But the yorkie jar STAYS!)

These were full of CD's.  They are empty now.  The CD's were shredded.  Gone - - Now, what to do with the cases?

This pile will be going away, not trash.  Files going to a new home.  To a new care taker.

I have filled 4 or 5 bags of trash, 2 just of shredded stuff.  I gave the grandtwins a HUGE pile of scratch paper and have another pile of scratch accumulated.

Yes, it IS time. And yes, there is more to go.  And, nope, I will not get it done this week, or even this month. But, everything done and gone, never has to be dealt with again.

Tis good - -


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